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Ljubomir T. Dević tar till orda

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Svenska massmediaPosted by Ljubomir T. Dević Wed, November 29, 2017 07:31:10
The Nuremberg Trial vs Haague Tribunal

The Western would and the judes of The ICCTY can't see how holding the party that committed genocide and the vast majority of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the breakup of Yugoslavia accountable can be considered unfair. Serbian political and military leaders committed genocide so they are the ones being brought to justice, that seems pretty fair and straightforwrad. Most of the political and military leaders tried in the Nuremberg tribunal were Germans, considering that the German political and military establishment under the Nazi party committed the Holocaust and countless other systematic war crimes it only seems fair that the majority of those convicted of crimes against humanity in Europe were German. That is how they are reasoning.

But they forgot the Islamic jihadists who under President Alija Izetbegovic of Bosnia-Hercegovina massacred, in fact beheaded countless Serbian civilians, young and old with the help of jihadists from Pakistan, Chechnya, and Iran. Have they ever read Izetbegovic's Islamic Declaration, reissued in 1992......about the superiority of the Islamic system over Western democracy. For the Serbs who suffered near genocide during the Second World War at the hands of the fascist Bosnian Muslim and Croatian Handshar division (handshar meaning a type of knife) and the infamous Croatian Ustashi, why would Serbs ever trust these two groups? The Croats with Washington's help hired the American political public relations firm Ruder Finn who spent countless millions on anti-Serb propaganda during the break-up of Yugoslavia.the die was cast: it was the Serbs who would be guilty of every conceivable crime in Yugoslavia. Crimes committed by Croats or Bosnian Muslims were simply downplayed or overlooked. Their arguments are flawed.

Ljubomir T. Dević, fil. kand.,
medlem i Skånes Författarsällskap och ASLA

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